Friday, February 11, 2011


When you dream and discover you were catching fishes in a river or stream, it depicts prosperity in your business or in any area of your profession. As an evangelist, it signifies soul winning. As a business person it indicates breakthrough.


When you dream and find yourself singing choruses or praising God or casting out demons and they are obeying you, it shows that you are alive in the spirit. It indicates you are in good term also with God and alert in the spirit.


When in the dream you were been chased but you discover your keys either house or office is still with you at the end, it shows victory. If you lose your key it means defeat. You need to then fight back in the spirit through prayer to regain your lost glory before it materializes.


When you dream where you are carrying a basket full of eggs it signifies that you have a bright and successful future but it can be destroyed by carelessness. You have to be careful not to make mistakes that will ruin your future career or project. Learn to trust in the Lord.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


If in the dream, your house or properties or office is on flames, it indicates terrible and devastating losses ahead. It might also mean your struggle to succeed on a project will be aborted or that you may lose your job.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


When in the dream you discover yourself plaiting hair, with tread or attachment or putting on weavon, it depicts initiation by water spirits. If after plaiting, you begin to cry, it indicates serious demonic affliction and you need to go for deliverance. If you are a lady, make sure you sprinkle the blood of Jesus on any material you will be using on your hair and don’t even use someone else’s weavon or tread even if it is a gift on your hair. Also be careful the saloon you patronize.


If someone fights with you in a dream, be very careful with the person and study the person’s action towards you. The devil sometimes impersonates people but if you notice his / her natural evil tendencies or hatred towards you naturally then keep the person at a distance.


When you dream and find your self eating in the dream, it depicts:

1. Over-food consciousness or spiritual weakness.
2. If with people unknown to you or in a strange environment, it may be demonic. Some people are poisoned or possessed via eating in the dream.

Monday, February 7, 2011


When in a dream, you are being shot with a gun by somebody but it couldn’t harm you, or it missed you, it means there was danger in your life but God delivered you, if you are shot and wounded, then it shows your life is presently in danger and you are somehow powerless or overcomed already. If someone is chasing you with gun, then it depicts danger looms around you.


When you dream and see yourself swimming in the river with people you don’t know or even flying in the air , it indicates you are possessed or initiated to marine goddess if you constantly swim in the dream or you are possessed or influenced with witchcraft spirit if you constantly see yourself flying. If it just occurred only once and not repeated and with people you know, then it must not be demonic but out of playfulness or business of the day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


When in a dream, you find yourself completely naked or half naked or in rags, it may indicate:
1. Poverty, affliction or disgrace just ahead of you, if precaution is not taken.
2. Spiritual emptiness and loss of favour from God and man.


I have also personally experienced this several times.
A situation where you dream and find yourself in an examination hall unprepared or in difficulty. It only indicates there are temptations of hard times of decision making ahead of you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


When in dream you have children that are not your biological children, it is demonic. These children are called spirit children from spirit wife / husband. It can cause barrenness and marital problems in married couples and also hinder marriage in singles. When children gather around you to play or eat with you, it indicates linkage with marine demons.


When you dream and you find yourself climbing unending steps or carrying heavy load it shows that there would be serious suffering / hardship or temptations later that you will experience. Pray seriously that God will remove it from you or give you grace to overcome.


When you dream and find your car stolen or your house burgled or shop broken through by thieves but you wake up to see that nothing has taking place. You are getting warning security signals to beef up your security both physically and spiritually. If you lost money in your dreams, then watch over your financial dealings with man or god.


When you dream and find snakes, or other creeping animals surrounding you either playing with you or chasing you, it depicts that there are some spirit linkage with you. Either you have been initiated into a spirit world knowingly or unknowingly or you still possess their property in your home or in your body.

Friday, February 4, 2011


When you dream and you regularly see your dead brother/mother/father/sister/friend appearing to you, it is not a good dream. Examine the content of the message he/she is passing to you. Is it good or evil? Whatever happens, a dead man or woman is dead and it is the devil impersonating the individual to control, possess or frighten you.


When you discover in your dream that you were praying fervently, either in known language or in tongues, praising God or preaching the gospel. It shows that you are spiritually alive and that you are in good terms with God.
If you pray in known language, then try and find out what you are asking for. It might be that your spirit is praying against danger ahead or an ordinary signal and so you to pray more and be careful. Sometimes the Holy Spirit through our spirit in the dream intercedes on our behalf.


When you dream and see blood all over you or around you, it shows danger is ahead. To some women, whenever they see blood it results in miscarriage. For this reason, every pregnant woman has to always be spiritually alert as to overcome the devil even in the dream and to prayerfully resist the devil immediately after such dream.


When you dream and you or someone close to you is involved in a fatal accident. It indicates there is danger ahead except you pray.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


When you dream having sex with somebody or even romancing with an opposite sex. It depicts:

1. Carnality of spiritual weakness or spirit of lust if it has been occurring and probably with somebody close to you. Be careful, the person if possessed might be seducing you in the spirit.
2. Attack of spirit wife / husband if it constantly occurs and may even result in marriage in the spirit sometimes the person might even visit you physically.
3. Possessed by a spirit i.e. demon of sexual immorality if you constantly have sex with different people.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When in your dream, a banquet is prepared before you in a form of joyful celebration of victory or a crown or trophy is being presented to you or just a feast in your honour. It is a good dream. It indicates upliftment and blessings ahead of you. I once had this kind of dream in my third year in the campus the night after I bought some electrical equipment for the CASOR fellowship Bible study. It was as if the Lord prepared a banquet for me that night in a dream. It was glorious. It showed that the Lord accepted my gift.


When you dream where you are plucking ripe fruits, it indicates that God is about to bless you. It shows that God will soon reward you for your labour. Pray and watch out for the opportunity God will open for your blessing and be diligent, alert and obedient to God’s word.


When you dream and somebody gives you huge sum of money or you find yourself counting huge sum of money that really belongs to you, it is a good dream. It means there is financial breakthrough that will soon manifest in your life.


Seeing coffin or burying somebody in the dream indicates danger ahead or demon of death hovering if not canceled in prayer.


When you dream and you are heavily wet by rainfall or your house over flooded. It depicts financial blessing ahead. If you or someone gets drowned, then there is danger ahead and you have to stop it in prayer.


If in your dream, somebody attacks you, i.e. someone stabs you with knife on your belly and blood starts gushing out or harms you or the other. The person might be someone you know or not. Sometimes someone will always be chasing you in the dream with harmful substance. Such a dream is a bad one.
First of all, try as much as possible to keep the person at arms length. Sometimes the devil impersonates another i.e. uses face of a beloved one so that you will think that person is the witch against your life and that is why you should be careful.


When you dream and find wild animals chasing you. It is a bad dream and it indicates your life is in danger. It also shows that you are weak in spirit and that you need to wake up from slumber and be spiritually ready.


When you dream and find yourself under incarceration or bottled or in a cage i.e. where freedom of movement or will is prohibited. It indicates there is a serious hindrance presently in your life spiritually and physically. It also may indicate that your life is in danger in the hand of witches and wizards or your enemies. It may also indicate your progress is been hindered.